Theatrum Mundi helps to expand the crafts of city-making through collaboration between artists and urbanists.


Theatrum Mundi is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with the charitable aim of improving the understanding of cities through education and research. We think that collaboration with artists can offer city-makers — architects, planners, engineers, and urbanists — critical approaches to the way their crafts shape the public life of cities.

Our concern is for the ways the public lives of cities, in all their forms, are understood and designed. We aim to enrich these by engaging urbanists in co-production of knowledge, culture, and design, with artists, writers, performers, and scholars.

We convene practitioners and scholars in workshops, seminars, public events, and creative projects. We also publish independently and through other platforms. Established now as a charity based in London, our projects and programmes operate internationally with a wide range of partners.


Theatrum Mundi was founded at LSE Cities in 2012, as a series of conversations led by LSE Professor of Sociology Richard Sennett and Dr Adam Kaasa. It was established as a research project at LSE Cities through seed funding from Nesta, and at the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University through a grant from the Mellon Foundation. After 5 years of incubation and through the kind support of colleagues at both NYU and LSE, it became an independent charity in 2017.

Theatrum Mundi is sustained through the sustained involvement of a network of collaborators, trustees, and advisors. Founded in his work, the organisation continues to enjoy the intellectual guidance of Richard Sennett, who acts as chairman of the board of trustees. We receive core funding through a generous grant from James Anderson, and work with other funders on a project-by-project basis. Please contact us here if you are interested in supporting our work.


Studio CC.404 The Biscuit Factory
Drummond Road, London SE16 4DG

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Registered Charity Number 1174149


Current Fellows




  • Richard Sennett (Chair)
  • Amica Dall
  • David Lan
  • Morag Anderson
  • Steve Tompkins


  • James Anderson
  • Siobhan Davies
  • Nick Barley
  • Alistair Spalding
  • Adrian Lahoud
  • Susanna Eastburn
  • Lyall Hakaraia
  • Julia King
  • Ellie Cosgrave
  • Will Hunter
  • Julia Peyton-Jones
  • Charles Saumarez-Smith
  • John Gilhooly
  • Adam Greenfield
  • Mark Turner
  • Gascia Ouzounian
  • Jayden Ali
  • Joseph Henry

Previous staff

  • Kiera Blakey, Coordinator 
  • Adam Kaasa, London Manager then Director 
  • Emily Cruz, London Manager
  • Dominic Bagnato, New York Manager 
  • Elisabetta Pietrostefani, Coordinator 
  • Fiona Fletcher, London Manager