City as living laboratory

This project explores a protocol, with artists in central roles, to decode the city and confront critical environmental challenges. It will emphasize multi-disciplinary collaboration in the development of public art and placed-based experience. Considering the CaLL Framework, as a means of bringing together artists with urbanists, social scientists, ecologists, educators, activists, and civic leaders, the project will look at its desired outcomes, what works, and other possibilities for reflection.

Mary Miss/City as Living Laboratory (MM/CaLL)TM: Sustainability Made Tangible Through the Arts is an initiative spearheaded by artist Mary Miss. Its goal is to make sustainability personal, visceral, tangible, and encourage citizen action. Its mission is to illustrate how artists and designers, working in collaboration with scientists, social scientists, urban planners and citizens can lead to new ways to dwell in, build, and imagine our cities. Based on input from diverse experts, municipal agencies, community partners, and students, CaLL is seeding project sites with installations, interactive activities and events, setting an example that can extend to other locations over time and offer precedents for other cities.

These activities are conceived to foster collaborations among communities, disciplines, institutions, and neighborhoods as they work together toward common sustainability goals.