Autumn 2016

Thought Pieces on Designing Politics: the limits of design

TM launches a collection of thought pieces written by the Designing Politics Working Group, following a workshop in May 2016 at the Villa Vassilieff in Paris. This working group is supported by the Global Cities Chair at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris.

What are the limits of design in addressing the political and/or when has design not been enough? This question lies at the heart of Designing Politics, an ongoing project at Theatrum Mundi.  Now in its third year of organising ideas challenges in cities around the world, Theatrum Mundi gathered a group of architects, academics, artists and activists in May 2016 to reflect on the questions it asks, and the fundamental relationship between design and politics. 

Contributors include:

Richard Sennett – Professor of Sociology, LSE & NYU; Global Cities Co-Chair, FMSH

Adam Kaasa -Director, Theatrum Mundi, LSE; Research Fellow, RCA

John Bingham-Hall – Researcher, Theatrum Mundi; Critical Context Tutor, CSM BA Graphic Communication

Hillary Angelo – Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC Santa Cruz

Tom Dobson – Architect, Public Works Group; Organiser, Loughborough Farm

Sarah Bastide – Architect; Founder, Encore Heureux, Paris

Adriana Cobo Corey – PhD Candidate, Architecture and Spatial Design, Central Saint Martins

Claudio Sopranzetti – Research Associate, Oxford Future of Cities Centre; Postdoctoral Fellow, All Souls Oxford

Pushpa Arabindoo – Lecturer, UCL Geography; Co-director, UCL Urban Laboratory

Ludovica Rogers – Activist, Debt Resistance UK; Architect

Mona Sloane – PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, LSE; Co-founder of Configuring Light

Rodrigo Firmino – Professor, PUCPR Urban Management; Senior Research Associate, UCL Urban Lab

Adam Greenfield – Founder, Urbanscale; Tutor, Bartlett MArch Cluster “Architectures of Participation”

Cécile Altaber – Vice President, Plateau Urbain; Urbanist, Paris

Andrew Belfield – Architect, Public Works Group; Organiser, Assembly SE8