August 14, 2017

Writing the City: The Quito Papers

 The Quito Paperstowards the open city (Edinburgh)
Film Screening and Panel Discussion


Date: Monday August 14, 3.45pm – 4.45pm
Location: Baillie Gifford Main Theatre, Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh International Book Festival

Speakers: Saskia Sassen & Richard Sennett

Chair: James Anderson

Though written in 1933, the Charter of Athens still defines how and why cities are built. The Quito Papers is an ambitious global project, led by Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen, which is rethinking the vision of how towns and cities are built in the 21st century. Having been to Beijing, London, New York, and Cumbernauld on the Edinburgh International Book Festival ReimagiNation tour, they present their vision to Edinburgh.

“City-ness is not simply density. City-ness is a set of conditions, a set of possibilities that enable people to make a history, to make a culture, to be contestatarians”
Saskia Sassen, The Quito Papers

“The Quito Papers” is a research collaboration between Theatrum Mundi (based at LSE Cities), NYU and UN-Habitat, developed in the run-up to the United Nations Habitat III conference held in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. With funding from the Kaifeng Foundation, Theatrum Mundi presents “The Quito Papers: towards the open city” film, directed by Dom Bagnato and Cassim Shepard, with the collaboration of filmmakers in Beijing, Karachi, Lagos, London, New York, Quito, São Paulo and Mexico City.

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