Dr. Elahe Karimnia is Researcher of TM´s project Making Cultural Infrastructure. Elahe was Doctoral Fellow at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, worked on research project ‘Urban Form and Human Behaviour’, and collaborated with ‘Future of Place’, the global forum about public spaces and placemaking. Elahe has experience as a teacher, lecturer, and critic in Stockholm, Malmö, Kiruna, Berlin, Marrakesh, and as a visiting scholar in Toronto. She also worked in professional practice on architecture and urbanism projects for six years in Tehran. Elahe has a Ph.D in Urban and Regional Studies, a MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, and a MSc in Architecture and Urbanism. Her most recent research has been on Producing Publicness as the dialectical interaction and user appropriation between urban design intentions and outcomes in contemporary urbanism. Reach Elahe by email or find out more about her on Linkedin and Twitter.