Spaces-in-between: The city becoming

In collaboration with Dome of Visions, Theatrum Mundi occupied the temporary Dome -built by NCC- on Copenhagen’s harbourfront- for six days in April, conducting an interdisciplinary design charette with Theatrum Mundi members and local students, to imagine what could be done to repair the leftover spaces in this part of Copenhagen. This repair could be physical, temporal, sonic, visual, political, or a mixture of all this. With daily interventions (masterclasses and crits) from established creators in our network, the meeting resulted in new conversations about urban life and in a public exhibition of the outcomes on the final day, with participation from the municipal authorities.

Theatrum Mundi fellows working with the disciplines of sound, movement, light, space and politics were present during the workshop, including our director Richard Sennett. Financial Times architecture correspondent Edwin Heathcote.

You can listen to the sound piece that was created by Nick Ryan and Peter Gregson with the students here.