Join us for the second event in our 2019 Workroom Conversation series looking at questions around improvisation across different practices from music to architecture. We see improvisation as a fundamental way people relate to the world with capacity to loosen up and informalise social life. Improvising is also a survival strategy when, individuals or groups are challenged by unforeseen events. In the arts, improvising makes freedom of expression possible. It is a craft that requires practice to make a master.

Each session opens with two invited practitioners sharing their take on what improvisation is to them and how they use it in their practice to stimulate a broader discussion. Richard Sennett, of Theatrum Mundi, will moderate.

The Workroom Conversations are ‘backstage’: there is no audience. Instead, we invite practitioners to share, debate, challenge and enrich. These are conversations rather than public forums. We would be delighted for you to join as many of these as you would like to and bring your ideas to the workbench.

Registration is essential.