TM has founded a subsidiary in France

Posted on 25 March 2019

At Theatrum Mundi, we believe cooperation across borders is essential to keep enriching our understanding of the cultural life of cities and the ways that urban planning and design can create a rich and diverse public realm in an increasingly migrant world. 

That’s why we have set up a non-profit organisation in France as a subsidiary of our UK charity, to be part of continuing that dialogue after Brexit. Taking the form of an association loi 1901 seated in Paris, Theatrum Mundi EU will allow us to continue to easily engage EU-based researchers and artists in projects, collaborate in EU networks, and expand our existing activities in Paris and beyond. 

The association has been approved by the local authorities in Paris. Richard Sennett acts as co-president, representing Theatrum Mundi, working with a collège de direction including John Bingham-Hall (TM), Justinien Tribillon (TM), Meriem Chabani (TXKL), Arnaud Esquerre (EHESS), Cécile Altaber (CGET), Océane Ragoucy (TVK), Marion Waller (Ville de Paris), and Jacob Simpson (Columbia University). 

Keep an eye out for more news about the development of the association and our work in Europe.