Evens Foundation initiates research on Voi[e,x,s] together with Theatrum Mundi

Posted on 30 August 2019

The Evens Foundation, in partnership with Theatrum Mundi, has initiated a research programme integrated into the Voi[e,x,s] performance project, as part of the foundation’s ongoing interest in the ways aesthetic experience and arts education contribute to social and cultural inclusion.

This funding will support a series of public workshops, the filming and recording of this process, a research fellowship documenting and analysing the project, and a publication produced jointly by Evens Foundation and TM. The partnership enables us to introduce a new dimension to the existing Voi[e,x,s] project by developing an understanding of how it uses performance to change the relationship of people to their environment, in other words how performance itself could be a kind of urbanism.

This generous €15,000 grant is the first made directly to our new Paris-based organisation and an exciting development in our move towards becoming a European organisation.